The Page of Gestluz on the Internet aims to facilitate the knowledge of the Company and its Products.

The collection of personal data has become a common element in the strategies of companies present on the Internet.

Therefore, many Users are reluctant when you are asked your personal or business data without knowing the purpose for which they are intended. Contrary to this, the Gestluz has developed a "Privacy Policy" in that they account for all Users of your page about four essential questions:

How is the information collected?

What information is collected?

What do we do with this information?

What are the limits that the User can establish the face of this data collection?

The Gestlluz asks for a little information to the Users of your page. And, in any case, it is designed exclusively for professional purposes. The information collected is basic: name, company, function, e-mail, subject. However, simply visiting our website does not imply the recording of any data. This only happens when the User wants to have access to specific areas of the Page: subscribe to our newsletter, send suggestions, etc. As a User of our website you may send us personal information when:

Subscribe to any of our news services:

GestNews - quarterly Newsletter
Career -Reception of Resumes
Communicate with the one(s) our(s) consultant(s);
Send suggestions;
Participate in a Forum;

All information gathered will be recorded in a database that is the property of Gestluz and intended for their exclusive use. The User may, at any time, access your data, rectify them or eliminate them.
In any case, the Gestluz assign or other entity to sell the information collected.

The Gestluz ensures that the collection of information will always be made with the free, prior and informed consent of the User.

The Gestluz may not, however, be held responsible for the illegitimate access to this information.

The Gestluz reserves the right to change, partially or totally, the "Privacy Policy" of your page on the Internet. The visit of the page, and the consultation of their content do not imply any contractual relationship between the Gestluz and the User.